Your Guide to Choosing the Right Leather Handbag for Neutral Outfits

See what our experts suggest are South Africa’s top leather handbags to style with neutral toned outfits.

Nothing adds more sophistication to a minimalist ensemble than a South African leather handbag.  When you’re compiling an outfit that works from the sofa, to the office, and back again - a neutral leather handbag is a MUST. Masch’s range of curated neutral tone bags and ladies’ wallets will elevate even the most basic outfits.



Ladies neutral wallet

Tone on Tone Simplicity

Create a cohesive, neutral statement outfit by wearing head-toe-toe beige and off-white, styled with a matching leather wallet or sling bag. Combine a selection of head wraps, waist belts, wide leg pants and chunky sweaters to complete the look.

Best Pick: The Donna

  • The Donna leather wallet for women has a simple, yet elegant outer design.
  • Its removable sling offers versatility - wear it on your wrist or as a stow-away wallet paired with a similar toned leather handbag.
  • Available in a variety of muted tones such as off-white, tan and brown.


    Wood leather bag

    Rustic and Raw Edginess

    Add warmth and texture to your neutral corporate look by accessorising it with an interesting leather bag that includes earthy elements such as wood, wicker or beads. Change things up and create a texture clash by combining a handcrafted handbag with a sleek corporate ensemble.  

    Best Pick: Ashwood Bag

    • The Ashwood hand stitched leather bag for women has a unique, handcrafted wooden base and handle.
    • Wear it over the shoulder for a laid back look or in your hand to draw attention to the statement handle. 
    • Available in off-white, tan and black.


      Leather box bag

      Contrasting Tones with a Twist

      Add depth to your tonal look, by including a contrasting leather handbag. Play around with a dark or light neutral leather handbag or an unconventional shape that is bound to turn heads. To further increase your contrast-factor, try incorporating different leather finishes such as matte or sheen.


      Best Pick: The Picollo

      • The Picollo leather handbag with its unconventional, lunchbox shape offers great versatility. Wear it as a stylish accessory or utilise it as a statement vanity case.
      • Its matte, Safiano leather finish adds interest to any look.
      • Available in various neutral tones such as black, off-white and brown.


        Elevating your basic neutral outfit is simple with the right leather handbag. Click here to view our full range of neutral handbags.


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